The first of everything in life is always memorable. You always tend to remember your feelings and incidents that happened on your very first date, first flight journey, first trip to Ladakh, the first experience of bungee-jumping, etc. Similarly, when you are entering the first year of your marriage, you are filled with a sense of gratitude, happiness, and pride. You are still in that honeymoon phase where you are exploring your partner, knowing little details of each other every day and this is a beautiful feeling. Know some of the 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas in the paragraph below and have a day filled with nostalgia.

Gifts are always special and the happiness of receiving a gift doubles when your better half gives you a present on a special day like an anniversary. Here are some gift ideas for your first anniversary which you can try and woo your partner.

Gold Jewelry: Which woman won’t be mesmerized with a gold jewelry gift? An earring, pendant, necklace, or bracelet made from pure gold would be a great 1st anniversary gift idea to impress your wife. A gold is held in high regard in our culture and buying gold would bring more prosperity to life. Also, the color of gold symbolizes courage, passion, and empathy. All these three qualities are required to continue a happy marriage. So, make your first anniversary a special one with a gold jewelry.

Memory Book or Photo Book: Be it a love marriage or an arranged one, the first year of marriage is an always an important one. In case of love marriage, the couple is still in that best friend phase and that typical husband or wife attributes are absent. In case of arranged marriage, both husband and wife are still learning the little things about each other. Collect all the beautiful pictures of you as a couple and compile them in a photo book or memory book and name it “Our Beautiful Story”.

Indoor or Outdoor Plant: This is a noble gift idea but a symbolic one! A plant always enriches our life with more oxygen. The presence of lovely indoor plants in your drawing room, dining room, or bedroom would make sure that you live a healthier life. Outdoor plants would grace your lawn or garden beautifully. A sapling or plant needs love, care, and proper nurture so that it can grow well and provide you a better life. Your marital union also requires love, patience, and understanding so that the bond remains strong lifelong. Isn’t that a symbolic gift for 1st anniversary?

Vacation: This is the best one among all anniversary gifts! We all are somewhere vexed up while balancing home and work life. In the first year of marriage, you are now learning various tricks to strike that perfect balance. As a first anniversary gift for a couple, you can think of a vacation ticket to an exotic location. After marriage, the couple is generally engrossed in a lot of traditional rituals and one whole year is spent in knowing some relatives. So, being a great friend or relative, you must let the couple relax! Thus, a ticket to hill-station or seashore would be a great idea.

This first anniversary would never come again to your life! You would get drawn into many other challenges in life. You would have kids and their life would become yours. Your whole routine would then be designed according to your kids. So, you must plan your first anniversary well for relishing the memories later!

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