Are you a married person who struggles through everyday life trying to find activities for you and your spouse to enjoy together?  Or do you have a hard time thinking up conversation through dinner?  Having a healthy and happy marriage takes a lot of work from both spouses, and if you find your marriage hitting rock bottom, there are places to turn for help in rekindling the old flame.

How do you know if your marriage is failing?

Many times a failing marriage is only seen by one partner in the marriage.   One spouse may go on thinking that the marriage is completely normal and happy, while the other spouse continues on covering up their unhappiness.  If you get the uneasy feeling that your spouse is not happy, talk to them about your feelings.  It is sometimes hard to open up about such serious matters, maybe because you don’t want to know the truth, but communication is the key to success, and could save your marriage.

Usually when a marriage is on the rocks, warning signs such as depression, or out of the ordinary behavior, and maybe one spouse has an excuse to stay away the majority of the time.  If any of these signs are familiar, there are places to turn and ways to save a marriage.

Where to turn for help

If strange behavior from a spouse is hindering the marriage, consider turning to a marriage counseling professional.  Stress  is part of everyday nature, but if you or your spouse is consumed by stress, it can take a real toll on a marriage.  Stress can cause a great deal of distance, not only between you and your spouse, but between the rest of world!

Mutual friends can be comforting during hard times.  If talking to your spouse about your concerns is out of the question, then turn to a friend who does not side with either of you, but who will try to give encouraging words about both parties.  Gaining a neutral ear here will be difficult and a biased one probably not too helpful in the long run.

Talking to a pastor about marriage troubles can give a couple of the same religious beliefs the strength and determination to find a healing process in a broken marriage.  And of course there are ministries like Heartfelt Christian Counseling available on this front as well.

Secular, couple’s therapy groups can be an option as well in helping to solve marital woes.  Initially your or your partner may feel uneasy about speaking in front of strangers about your problems, but it usually turns out that when you hear other couple’s speak of similar issues, it gives you a sense of relief knowing that you are not alone.

Other tips to save your marriage

Financial strain is at the top of the list for relationship disasters!  Make a plan together about how to manage your bills, or speak to a credit counseling professional.  Make plans to share the financial burden together before it tears you apart.

Having date nights with your spouse is crucial to a relationship.  Do something that you both enjoy together, that doesn’t pertain to household stress such as bills and children.   And if a romantic dinner is uncomfortable due to lack of conversation, do something entertaining such as amusement parks or go see a comedy show, just be sure to laugh and take note of why you fell in love with this person in the first place!

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