The sport of golf is certainly addictive – just ask anyone who has ever tried it and who hasn’t been able to let go ever since. Fortunately, there are plenty of golf courses from which to choose in the UK, some of which are easily accessible and some of which may take some time to get to. But what makes a golf course truly worth visiting and playing? Let’s find out.

The condition of the course

The condition of the golf course is an obvious factor when it comes to choosing a golf course. Is the course in its best shape, or does it look decrepit and run-down? If the golf course is well-maintained, it will be a pleasure to play on and will attract a good number of visitors. If it isn’t, you may be wiser spending your time elsewhere.

The design of the course

The course’s design has a big impact on players as well. Check if the golf course features a lot of variety and assess how the design is laid out. Are all those water hazards really necessary, for instance? What about short holes and long holes? Ideally, long holes should give players plenty of room to tee. Of course, the designer needs to work with the layout of the land itself, but variety in features can make a golf course pleasant to play on, not only for veteran golf enthusiasts, but for beginners as well. The point is to look for variety in the golf course, be it mixtures of straight holes, short and long holes, and more – in different directions as well.

Other considerations

There are other considerations which you may also want to think about when choosing a golf course. One important one is the location. Where is it located? If it’s ideally situated, then it’s easier to visit. More so if the golf course can provide you with easy accommodation as well, such as the Oxfordshire golf club at Heythrop Park, which is a short drive away from London and offers convenient accommodation through two hotels, Heythrop Park and the Crowne Plaza.

You can also look for convenience and accessibility when it comes to other leisure and sport facilities, such as pools and gyms, spas, saunas, and dining and entertainment amenities. After a satisfying game of golf, it won’t do if you have to travel far when you want to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

Yet one more consideration is the beauty of the surroundings. You have to be instantly attracted to the surroundings and greenery of the golf course. A great view is always a good factor, and so are picturesque streams, valleys, meadows, and lakes – after all, you will be spending a lot of time in the great outdoors, so you might as well make sure the scenery is spectacular.

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