Brits have a bit of a reputation to blow things out of proportion and make a fuss when it comes to preparations for a social occasion. However, a wedding is one of those times that can fairly and accurately be described as ‘an admin nightmare!’

With a million-and-one things to arrange and organise, fortunately transport for a wedding is usually very straightforward to sort out. With so many UK wedding car hire companies to choose from, you should have little difficulty securing your ideal set of wheels. Then you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that a trained chauffeur will get you to the church on time.

We’ve compiled our top ten prestige car hire options that span our favourite modern, vintage and slightly quirky choices!

Hummer H2 Limousine

Sometimes, size wins out over subtlety! If you’re looking to make a grand entrance, then a 38ft behemoth like this will certainly do the trick. Hummers of this size and stature are inevitably kitted out with luxury interiors sporting plush leather seating to comfortably accommodate even the larger groups, along with plasma screen TVs and even a full length champagne bar.

Parking is always a bit tricky but then again, that’s not your problem!

Bramwith Landaulette

An absolute beauty of a vintage car that simply oozes class from every curve, the Bramwith Landaulette is a champion of old world charm. With plenty of room and a wide running board, it’s an ideal vehicle for accommodating the bride with her long, flowing wedding dress.

Party Bus

Why not start the party before you even get to the reception? If there’s any significant distance to travel from the church to the evening event, then a party bus might be the option for you. The range of onboard entertainments on offer vary depending on your provider but if you’re after karaoke, dancing poles and champagne bars then you’re usually on fairly safe ground!

Chrysler 300C

Strong, safe and smart, the Chrysler 300C is a modern classic American saloon with a little bit of a wilful character but the initiated chauffeur will have no problem ensuring that you have a smooth, comfortable journey.

Beauford Tourer

For vintage charm, you simply cannot compete with the Beauford Tourer. Like the Bramwith Landaulette, the roomy interior and generous running board make it very easy for the bride to gracefully exit from this classy chariot of wedding conveyance.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

The Silver Cloud is an iconic statement of classic British car manufacture that is a joy to drive and even more of a pleasure to be driven in. Hopefully the wedding will go as smoothly as the journey to the church!

E & S Class Mercedes

Sporting the Mercedes hallmarks of safety, style and luxury all wrapped up in an affordable price package, the E Class and its bigger brother the S Class raise the bar when it comes to the all-round prestige car hire option.

Daimler State Landaulet

If you’re looking for something grander and statelier, then the Daimler State Landaulet is a regal 6-7 person seater that could be for you. All the comfort of a limousine with the added pleasure of a convertible as the rear opens up should the weather allow for it.

VW Campervan

What would a wedding be without a touch of originality? For those wanting elegant quirkiness, the VW campervan has become a popular option in recent years. Eminently practical as well as adorable, the VW will get you to and from the church in fine style.

Jaguar XJ

Winner of the ‘Car of the Year Award’ 2012, Jaguar’s XJ is the epitome of sleek, stylish, comfortable and modern wedding transport.

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