So you search through all your favorite online stores trying to find the perfect pair of shoes for you. When you think you finally found it, you make immediately purchase it. Certain that you have selected the right design and size for you; you are excited for the delivery to arrive.

When it finally does, you try the shoes on and find that the pair does not properly fit and looks terrible on you. Even though the shoes are of the right length, there is a large empty space at the sides making your feet look like they have shrunk.

One mistake that women often make in purchasing shoes online is that they only think about the length of their feet when selecting shoe size. However, for women, finding the right fit for shoes is more complicated than just finding the right length. Another dimension that should be greatly considered is the width. If you try on a pair of shoes and you feel like your feet is being squeezed or that the shoes does not properly cling due to empty spaces at the sides, then your shoes may not be of the right width.

Survey results imply that no less than one third of the population (majority of which are women) are at risk for foot pain and other complications due to the ill-fitting shoes that they wear.

The styles, shapes and forms of women’s shoes or footwear come in a lot of variety and so it is important for women to understand what a “good fit” really means. Women may need to find different sizes for different types of shoes. The perfect size for your boots may not be perfect for your dress shoes.

A width that feels comfortable for your sandals may be too constricting if you choose the same one for your golf shoes. However, you will find that sandals are the easiest footwear type to purchase as they cover only a little area of your feet.

As if finding the right shoe size and width is not difficult enough, finding a store may also not be that easy. Not all stores may offer shoes that come in different widths.  The sizes, forms and shapes of shoes available out there are just usually based on the average woman’s proportion.

While some women may be able to find a close fit with the average shoe size, some or rather most women may just not. What if you are one of those who have really slim feet? You would not want to have those large empty spaces on the side of your shoes. Average sized or shaped shoes will not do. They will not feel right. They will not feel comfortable. They will not be good for your health. What you will need for your slim feet are slim shoes.

Here at Marmi, we offer a great selection of women’s shoes that come in narrow and slim widths. For whatever type of shoes that you need, be it casual shoes, dress shoes, evening shoes, golf shoes, sandals or boots, you will surely find the right size for you.

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