It’s never been easier to find stunning, handcrafted jewellery for sale – whether you’re shopping at your local craft market, buying through an online retailer or direct from the designer themselves, you’re purchasing a piece of art.  Each piece of handcrafted jewellery is unique, so you know nobody else will ever have the exact same ring or necklace as you.  What’s more, by supporting artisans and jewellery designers, you’re ensuring the future of imaginative, handcrafted jewellery (and shunning the efforts of big brands to take over the market place).  It has always been the case that machines chruning out mass produced goods inevitably mean a drop in quality (and potentially imagination) so I would always advise where possible to source quality handcrafted products that you really like and  can be proud of wearing.

Alison Macleod

This Glaswegian designer’s range of handcrafted jewellery is inspired by everyday, discarded items and a passion for collecting things. The combination of unique, found objects with traditional handmade elements is what makes Alison’s jewellery so special.  The use of semi-precious stones in her Cameo Cluster necklaces adds a stunning touch – choose from shades of sea-green Amazonite and Aventurine or blood-red Garnet.

Eleni Antoni

Eleni Antoni was born in Greece, and designs some of the most stunning contemporary pieces we have ever seen!  Using her imagination, a range of base materials and a lot of love and attention, Eleni Antoni’s range is elegant and stylish.  Her range of resin jewellery with gold leaf is the perfect gift for the woman who has everything – incredibly unusual and highly-detailed, it’s bound to catch her eye!  Handcrafted pearl wrap rings set in gold plated sterling silver or oxidised silver (our favourite) are jaw-droppingly beautiful, and sure to become favourites.

Marilyn Tan

One of Singapore’s most successful jewellery designers, Marilyn Tan has spent the past 18 years designing and handcrafting her pieces – and it shows.  Now a global brand, her designs are distinctly contemporary, with fuchsia snakeskin cuffs sitting alongside 18K gold plated earrings set with semi-precious stones.  For something a little bit different, Marilyn Tan’s jewellery is perfect – her range of Miss Summer Light earrings in gold plated, rose gold plated and silver adds delicate, feminine style to any maxi dress this summer.

Badger & Baird

Founded by Emma Baird, a Scottish ‘metal-clay guru’ and jewellery designer, Badger and Baird takes its name from Emma’s grandmother, whose maiden name was Badger. Beautiful, handcrafted metal-clay pieces inspired by flora and fauna are Emma’s trademark, and her Sycamore leaf pendants feature real sycamore leaves plated in silver metal clay – each pendant is completely unique, and totally stunning!

By choosing handcrafted jewellery you’re not only supporting the designer, but you’re also wearing a completely unique and beautiful piece that is sure to attract compliments.  You can find these types of designers listed on , so get online and start browsing through the online shop! Far better than having to get changed and wander through crowded streets when it is raining, why not shop from your sofa….

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