You’ve probably noticed that beards are all the rage at the minute and I’m guessing that you’re wanting to be a part of the action. If so, then you’ve definitely made a wise decision because the fact is, beards are great. They are the ultimate manly accessory, firstly because women can’t grow beards and secondly because they imply maturity and success. Beards can easily go from great to rubbish though, so it’s important that you care for your facial hair properly and we have a few tips to help you grow and maintain a great

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Leave it Alone for at Least a Month

Some men are blessed with the ability to grow facial hair quickly and some just aren’t, many men find it difficult to grow facial hair at all. To get you started on the right path to owning a fantastic beard you’re first going to need to grow it. Leave it for at least a month, but ideally as long as possible, without cutting or shaping. This will mean that your beard can grow to a great length in order for it to succeed in the long run. While this may be a hard month for you, keep yourself going with the thought of the great outcome in the end.

Look After Your Skin Underneath

It’s important that you don’t forget about the skin underneath your beard because without being looked after this could cause you a lot of problems. Many bearded men moan about the dreaded facial hair itch that seems to be unavoidable. By moisturizing the skin under your beard daily you should be able to sooth this itch and eventually get rid of it all together.

Shape It When the Time is Right

When you’ve left your beard to grow to your desired length, it’s time for the fun part, shaping it. At this stage you can style your beard exactly how you want it. Although if you’re not comfortable dealing with this pressure yourself, you can head to the barber who will be able to use their expertise to arm you with a beautiful looking beard.

Invest in High Quality Products to Maintain a Healthy Beard

Finally, to make sure that your beard stays looking great for a long time to come, you’re going to need to invest in some top quality products to maintain it. You will need a great wax for the everyday shaping of your beard, so check out these best beard waxes on the market to get you started on your quest to find the perfect product for you.

If you’re lucky enough to have great facial hair growing ability then what are you waiting for? Start growing a beard. This accessory will make you look stylish and give the impression to others that you’re mature, sophisticated and very manly. Just use our four tips for growing a great beard and you are bound to have a successful outcome.

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