Weddings don’t come cheap. There is a lot to pay for: the wedding dress, outfits for the bridal party, the cost of a reception venue, not to mention food, drink, flowers, and a host of other things. You can save money by using a site such as, but many couples go a bit crazy when wedding planning their dream wedding. They want their special day to be perfect with a capital “P”.

The Cost of Getting Hitched

Research carried out in the U.S. found that, on average, couples spend £25,000 on the happy day. In the UK, this figure is slightly less and happy couples typically spend around £20,500. Either way, this is hardly a small and inconsequential amount.

£20-25K would make a nice deposit if you were looking to buy a home, or if you already have a home, it will easily pay for a smart new kitchen or bathroom. Of course, this figure is not a true picture, as there are big variations in the cost of a wedding, depending on where you live.

If you want to get married in New York, Manhattan to be precise, expect to fork out around £64k. Getting married in London is also more expensive than a wedding in a regional town in the UK. In fact, some locations are positively cheap. Getting married in your back garden won’t cost you much at all and you could probably plan a simple wedding for less than £1k.

The Only Way is Up

The problem with weddings is that every component, from dresses to rings, increases in price year on year. The two most expensive items on a wedding planner’s list are the bride’s dress and the reception venue. Couples usually spend around £11,500 on a venue to entertain friends and family. The average cost of a wedding dress is around £1,100, so that is also a hefty chunk of money. The only aspect of a wedding that doesn’t seem to increase in price every year is the cost of wedding favours.

The good news is that most couples don’t pay for the entire wedding out of their own pocket. It is traditional for the bride’s family to chip in and cover some, if not all, of the cost of the wedding. In many cases, the groom’s family also help out by covering around 10% of the final bill. In fact, most couples only pay around 43% of the cost of the wedding budget, which is a bit more affordable.

Thrifty Wedding Planning

Whilst the average wedding may cost £20,500, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you have to spend that amount of money on your wedding. You can easily save shed-loads of cash by looking for cheaper venues, second-hand wedding dresses and “vintage” engagement rings.

However, whilst it is possible to save money when planning a wedding, if you have your heart set on a romantic beach wedding in Fiji with the bride wearing a Vera Wang dress, you should probably start paying into a savings plan sooner rather than later.

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