Acne. It happens to most of us. Those unsightly red bumps love to appear all over our faces right before our big date. Our skin is the largest organ on our body that protects us from the harsh outside world. Acne is a response designed to deal with bacteria lingering within pores. We might not like the sight of it, but it is a bodily function with a purpose. That doesn’t mean you have to suffer with acne for the rest of your life. There are things that you can do to help your skin become acne free, or at least see a difference.

Avoid touching your face

When your skin is clear, it can be tempting to touch your face to feel how smooth it is. Maybe you are used to leaning on your hand to rest your head. There are many reasons why we touch our faces, many of which we don’t even really think about. Our hands touch lots of objects during the day. These objects might be covered in bacteria that love to create acne on your face if they get to it. Reduce the chance of acne causing bacteria by avoiding the temptation of touching your face.

Along the lines of touching your face, stop picking! Once you have acne, it is tempting to pick, prod, and pop those red bumps. Don’t! You damage your skin when you decide to pick. This can lead to scars that can last for years after the pimple is gone. Acne scars are more difficult to get rid of. Do what you can to prevent yourself from popping those pimples.

Stay clean

Bacteria and skin build up can lead to acne on your face. During the day, your body naturally gets more oily and grimy. This helps makes your face an ideal environment for acne to grow. Try to wash your face one or twice a day. Be gentle on your skin and don’t get rough with your current acne. Use a gentle soap and get your face nice and clean. There are more things you can do after cleaning your face to help treat acne. Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide are known to help rid skin of pimples. Be careful though. Always test a small patch of skin before going wild on your whole face. Some people are allergic to these products and can get red, puffy skin.

Seek a professional

If home remedies are not working for you, try to seek a professional. Dermatologists can assess your skin and give you prescription medication to aid you in your fight against acne. If you are a female, you have even more options to help with your acne. Birth control pills are known to help control acne. This doesn’t work for everyone, just as with any remedy, but it may solve more than one problem for the acne covered female. If pills don’t appeal to you, there are even light treatments a doctor can administer to help kill bacteria and reduce acne.

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About the Author: Andrea is a blogger at Smith Monitoring, a provider for Haltom city home security and security monitoring in Houston. Andrea spends her time finding the best ways to keep her skin clean and clear.

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