It is not necessary for you to learn about all the equipment that is used for making an eyebrow tattoo or any micropigmentation enhancements. But it will be a good idea to be aware of the tattooing procedures and the equipment used for micropigmentation, considering that you will be fully conscious while undergoing the eyebrow micropigmentation procedure. Knowing what equipment is going to be used and how it is going to be used will help you understand what you can expect while undergoing the procedure for permanent makeup eyebrows.

Rotary Machines and Tattoo Gun

The most complex and tricky part of tattooing is in the designing of the equipments, such as the rotary machines and tattoo guns. These tattooing equipment use needles of varying sizes and weight. The needles used may also have numerous prongs and makes it the most complex part in the art of tattooing. Apart from the machinery and tools, a considerable amount of skill and expertise is also involved in this form of art.

Eyebrow Tattooing Prong Needles

Round prong needles are mostly used to add fill in the eyebrow shape. It is also used to fill in the shape during lip color micropigmentation. These needles eject pigments at rapid rates. For outlining and shaping of eyebrow tattoos, fine flat needles are utilized in order to enhance precision. The needles need to be always sterile and disposable to maintain hygiene and prevent infections. Their eyebrow needles are available in different variants and variy from 7 prong needles and even better ones with a single fine prong so that the trauma induced to the eyebrow regions and the amount of anesthetic used can be minimized.

Measurement and Procedures for Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Measurements and outlining the tattoo contours play an important role in the making of a perfect tattoo.

The measurement tools need to be crafted with zero error precision and expertise in order to sustain the symmetric nature of these eyebrow tattoos. Other outlining tools include stencils and special markers that help shape the region that has to undergo the tattooing procedure.

A perfect eyebrow can be made in 3 simple steps. Place a makeup brush or pencil straight against one nostril and mark the point where it coincides on your eyebrow. This is where the eyebrow tattoo should ideally begin. Place the same make up brush or pencil against one nostril and point it to the outer end of the eye to mark the end point of the eyebrow, this would be the end point of the eyebrow tattoo. Now that the initial and end points have been determined and marked, locate an arch that best suits the face and the rest can be left to the expertise and skills of the tattoo artist to give you the perfect permanent makeup eyebrows.

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