There are few moments in life as memorable as your wedding day. Maybe your day is an elaborate fete with hundreds of guests, a huge wedding party, and an ice sculpture. Maybe it’s you and your love barefoot on the beach surrounded by a few close friends.

No matter what your dream wedding looks like, you want to it all to be perfect. That includes how you and your intended look. Whether you want to fit into a designer tuxedo or model a Bohemian hairstyle, here are some ways to get yourself looking perfect for your wedding day.


If there was ever an event for shopping, your wedding is it. You might decide on an event calling for a formal gown with a 30-foot train and hand-sewn lace veil, or one where the groom is in flip-flops. You won’t know until you get out and explore your options, and find the best clothes for your personal style. Enlist the help of your besties in getting honest feedback about how things fit and flatter (or not!), and you and your betrothed will need to discuss if your ideas about clothing are on the same track. Don’t forget to shop for shoes and accessories as well – you don’t want to be scrambling for matching items at the last minute.

Hair and makeup

Your wedding is a great time to spoil yourself rotten with a special hairdo and makeup. Look through your bridal magazines and see what appeals to you. With online videos, you can learn and practice the same makeup techniques as professionals. But the best way to have your hair and makeup perfect is to have them done by professionals. You can make this into a spa day with your attendants, or you and your intended can make it a pre-wedding treat. After all, both of you want your skin to be glowing!


You may take your glasses for granted on a daily basis, but for your wedding, you may want to consider some sort of eyewear treatment solution. You can choose unique designer frames that match your wedding suit. You can also get laser surgery, so that the amazing makeup and hairdo you’re planning will be completely unobstructed. And laser surgery has the benefit of lasting forever – just like your marriage.

Healthy lifestyle

It may be a goal to lose weight for your wedding, since you’ll be investing in some pretty special clothing. But if you focus on adopting a healthier lifestyle, you’ll not only shine on the day of your nuptials, you’ll also start your new life in great health. Bear in mind, wedding planning can be stressful, so you’ll want to stock up on healthy food alternatives to those comfort foods you might want. Be sure to be realistic in weight loss goals – you cannot lose 30 pounds in seven days. Again, try to focus your efforts on changes that you can sustain, such as eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods. And don’t forget exercise, which will give you an inner glow from all the energy you’ll have.

Your wedding day is a time to celebrate and begin a new life. Looking perfect is possible if you consider all your options for what you will wear, and back it up with a healthy glow inside and out. You are sure to have one of the best days ever.

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