You’re engaged now (congrats!) and it’s time to start planning the wedding! There are lots of important big and small details that go into planning your perfect wedding day, and with all of the talk of flower arrangements, food, and dresses it can be easy to forget the obvious things like the wedding ring itself! So how do you choose the perfect ring? Follow these tips to make picking a band much easier on you!

Start with the Basics

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices, start by narrowing down the basics. Do you want a ring that’s the same color of metal as your engagement ring? If not, keep in mind that different metals wear down and change color at different rates, so if you’re not into the idea of your metals looking totally different from one another it may not be the best idea. Do you want any stones? If so, would you like them to be the same as the ones in your engagement ring or would you like to stand out and choose something different? If your engagement ring is diamond like these wedding rings New York, there are many beautiful colored stones out there that would look great with it!

Keep Yourself in Mind

A giant ring can be stunning, but if you work with your hands a lot it might not be the best idea to get something big and clunky; a sturdy band that holds up to wear and tear would be much better. If you’re the type to bake or paint a lot, consider getting a band without gemstones so that dough and paint don’t get stuck in between the stones! (But just in case, learn how to clean your rings at home!) If you swim or travel often, perhaps getting a cheaper ring would be a good idea in case it falls off in the ocean or gets left in Spain!

Pairing Your Rings

I talked earlier about pairing rings depending on the color of the metals and stones, but what about the sizes and shapes of your rings? It’s best to get a small wedding band if your engagement ring is really large so as not to overwhelm the entire look, but if you’re a fan of extra bling look into bands with stones along the entire circumference (but keep in mind that they’re extremely difficult to resize if you need to do so in the future) or choose a band with a curved shape so that it can sit above the stone in your engagement ring. There are many great options for pairing wedding rings for men too, if he is the one who was proposed to.

Make sure you choose a ring that’s timeless, goes well with the engagement ring, and is something you’ll be in love with for a very long time. Good luck finding that perfect wedding band for you and your significant other, and more importantly, good luck for your wedding day!

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