There are many styles of wedding dresses to choose from, but one thing you should also consider is color.  While many women prefer the traditional white wedding gown, often other colors might be a more complimenting choice.  If you consider options other than a white dress, you should base the color on your skin tone to look your most stunning.

Skin Tones

Will you be the same skin tone now as on your wedding day?  If your skin tans easily or if you will be using a tanning salon or spray tan, plan accordingly.  For skin tones that are medium to dark, lighter colors are very complimenting. For women with fair skin, it varies.  If you are very pale and basically white, avoid bland colors, so that you won’t look washed out.  Reds, pinks, blues, yellows, and purples can be very pretty in the right shades.  If you have a pinkish tent to your skin you should avoid red and pink.  If your skin is an olive color, you will look great in most colors.  Just consider what colors you would even wear for a wedding dress.  Black may be a little off putting even if you look amazing, but then again it is totally your choice.

Match the Shade

As seen on Kite’s Cleaners, bridal shops usually have swatches of material that you can look at to see which ones match your skin. Hold up different pieces to your arm and face.  This will definitely help you in deciding which colors look best.  Bring your friends or bridesmaids along to help you decide.  This is one time you should definitely have a second or third opinion.

Color Doesn’t Mean Un-Traditional

You may feel weird considering a non-white wedding dresses.  Colored dresses are a newer trend and most women grew up imagining a gorgeous white gown on their wedding day.  White gowns are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with one.  It’s just nice to have other options.  Some women love the idea of wearing something that isn’t the norm.  A colored dress could be a fashion statement or just a way of complimenting your skin tone better.  Not everyone looks their best in white.

Ask questions

When you go shopping for that special dress ask questions to get what you want.  Often colored dresses are displayed less, but they may have more shades in the back.  Call around to see what bridal shops specialize in colored dresses.  Pick several colors you like and try them on for each dress you like, if available.  Even if you choose say purple, there are a ton of different shades.  Maybe you will find one you like better when you try on a certain dress.

The best thing to do is don’t rush.  Shop around and get a good idea of what’s available.  Once you have decided on a dress, sleep on it before you buy it.  If you still love it when you try it back on, you have found your dream dress!

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