While everybody else is fussing over the bride during the planning stages of a wedding, the groom is left to mind his own business. Why is that? Well, some brides have the mistaken notion that grooms get the easy end of the bargain. In reality, though, choosing a tuxedo for the wedding can be just as challenging as finding that perfect wedding gown.

Unlike a typical suit, tuxedos are a tad more complicated. For one, it needs to be the right color for the time of the event. So if the wedding is set during the day, the groom need to where a light-colored tuxedo. However, if the wedding is to take place in the evening, a black or midnight blue tuxedo should do the trick. In addition, a tuxedo consists of several pieces, which when worn together, complete the ensemble – a jacket, shirt, vest or cummerbund, bow tie or necktie, and shoes. It’s important to choose pieces that complement each other, unless you want to look shabby on your own wedding day.

It would help a lot if you followed these dos and don’ts as you search for the perfect tuxedo.

1. Do look for a tuxedo shop with several branches strewn in different locations. That way, it would be possible for you and the male members of your wedding party to wear coordinated tuxedos even if you live in different states or cities.

2. Do look for a Roseville wedding tuxedo rental store that has a large inventory on hand. This is important so you’ll get a close-up look of your options. If a style doesn’t fit you well, you can readily choose something else, something that would highlight your body’s best features.

3. Do make advance preparation. If you have a computer at home, search the Internet for photos or websites that can help you find a style you like.

4. Do visit the tuxedo shop several months prior to your wedding and ask the shop consultant for recommendations. Ask the consultant which fit would look great on you. However, you would also do well to inform him of a style you have in mind. In turn, he can tell you whether you can pull the look off or if a better style would complement your body type.

5. Do set a budget. Tuxedo rentals normally cost around $100-$200, but that’s just for the jacket, shirt, and pants alone. Make sure you factor in additional accessories.

6. Don’t put off going to the rental shop for your tuxedo. Last minute decisions often result in disappointments. The latest you can go is two weeks before the wedding. That would leave enough time in case alterations need to be made on the tuxedo.

7. Don’t forget to remind your groomsmen of fitting schedules. Keep them updated to ensure that they won’t be the ultimate cause of delay.

8. Don’t forget the date when you’re supposed to return the rented tuxedo. If you’re going out of town for your honeymoon, make sure one of your groomsmen can return it for you.

Keeping these in mind will help you enjoy a hassle-free journey towards your wedding day.

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