Wholesale buying of jewellery has been with us since jewellery was first bought and sold. It’s even more popular today. You constantly see advertisements for companies wanting to buy your jewellery. Once they purchase it, they’ll either send it straight to the refinery to be melted down for gold/silver, or they’ll sell it to someone else who will pass it on to a buyer from the general public.

You have a lot of reasons why you might want to buy your earrings today wholesale. Here are the main benefits to purchasing your jewellery wholesale.

Get More for Your Money

You get more for your money if you decide to buy wholesale. The reason why people buy wholesale is to take advantage of bulk discounts. It’s true you need to initially spend more, but the unit cost of each item goes down. The more you buy the better the discount.
The unit price for all wholesale jewellery will always fall under the average market price. Wholesalers deal mainly with retailers who intend to sell the jewellery. They know they have to make a profit as well, plus they need to compete with other wholesalers for your trade.

Making a Profit

This is connected to the previous point. Anything you don’t want to keep after you buy wholesale is automatically eligible to be sold. You can sell them to shops or sell them to the general public. Many lovers of quality rings and earrings will choose an auction site like eBay to sell to the general public.

Some have even been known to set up their own websites as a side venture alongside their normal jobs.

Essentially, you can make your money back on the original piece of jewellery if you want to start selling regularly.

No Stress

Walk into a normal jewellery store and the first thing you’ll see is an irritating salesperson. They’ll use every trick in the book to get you to buy something. This is stressful and you don’t want to have to deal with this. Wholesalers take an entirely different stance on things.

For a start, they usually deal with people who know what they’re talking about. They know any sales spiel won’t work on them. Furthermore, they sell jewellery in bulk, so they know people are there for the discounts not necessarily for the merits of a beautiful sterling silver bracelet.

It allows you to browse at your leisure. It makes shopping for jewellery a more pleasurable experience.

A New Line

Wholesalers don’t need to settle on a type of jewellery or a theme like shops do. They don’t have to worry about selling only a specific type of item to draw customer in. You can find lots of odd and quirky items at a wholesaler. You can find diamond rings and toe rings side by side without any problems.

It gives you access to a far wider range of items, and this is what makes a wholesaler the ideal place to shop if you don’t already know what you want.

Kim Smith recommends that if you enjoyed this article that you buy your earrings today.

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