When you get married, you want a wedding that is memorable and has your loved ones talking about the event far into the future. If you’re part of today’s generation of couples looking to get married, there are unique ways for you to ditch the traditional walk-down-the- aisle in favor of a modern wedding venue.

Celebrate on the Water

There are a number of important duties for the happy couple to decide on such as picking the maid of honor and best man. You also want to find the ideal location and venue for your wedding day that showcases your personality and desires. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves the water, an ocean or lakeside spot are ideal settings for your marriage celebration. If you have your own lake home, choose the surrounding waters as your scenic backdrop for both the ceremony and reception. You could also select a beachside resort with amenities. From the pool and gym to the spa and tennis courts, your guests can enjoy partaking in the activities before and after the wedding. Getting married aboard a yacht or ship could also yield the most amazing views and sunsets.

Contemporary Banquet Facilities

Banquet facilities of the past can’t compare to their cutting edge technological counterparts. Imagine a modern wedding venue that boasts an ultra-modern interior with LED panels, columns and a colorful backdrop. You can personalize the atmosphere surrounding your wedding celebration behind the head table and columns to mesh with your wedding theme. Encompassing the entire room, you’ll be able to post photos or videos and entertain guests throughout the entire evening.

Down on the Farm

If you’re going for a more simplistic wedding celebration, you may want to go down on the farm for your nuptials. Here you’ll find barnyards, orchards of fruit, pumpkin patches and rows of corn. But farms of today are more modernized than our ancestors. Because of the popularity of farm to table dining, you can have the ideal setting from the ceremony to the freshest food. If you want something different, have the bridal party come in on horseback or drawn carriages. Dependent on the facilities of your farm, you can eat and dance the night away under the stars. If you’re worried about the weather, rent a tent to keep your guests dry and warm. Lodges and inns are another homey yet modern type of venue with a great backdrop.

Surrounded by Mother Nature

Colorful shrubs, trees, plants and flowers from your city’s botanical garden can be an amazing setting for a modernized wedding celebration. Whether you have a tent constructed or head to the nearest greenhouse, the smells of Mother Nature’s bounty wafting through the air can be aromatic. It can also be a picture perfect spot to take pictures. If you want something for your guests to do besides the typical dancing and drinking at the reception, how about providing your guests with a short tour through the scenic gardens of the facility?

Among Wine Country

If you you’re looking for a modern setting to host your “I Do’s,” then you may want to secure a place among the grape covered arbors. With over 5,900 vineyards in the U.S., you should be able to find a rustic courtyard with charming architecture. Other events to precede dinner beside the usual garter throw and bouquet toss could include a wine-tasting from the vineyard’s finest grapes. As a memento, gift your guests with wine charms, bottle openers or a stopper to mark the celebration.

With an array of options to choose from, couples no longer have to stick within the traditional wedding borders. By thinking outside the box and taking your personal tastes into account, you’ll be able to create a wedding celebration that is different, fun and will dazzle your loved ones.

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