When you are planning your wedding it is safe to say that one detail should be absolutely top of your list. Arguably, choosing your wedding photographer is the most important consideration you need to make. At least, it is up there in the top five. Your photographer will document your most special day, providing you with the memories of your wedding for long after the day has ended. You need to find the photographer best suited to your own style, personality, and budget – although this is not something you can scrimp on. Planning a London wedding takes time and care; here’s how to make choosing your London wedding photographer a little easier. Answer these key questions for a good start:

1. Do They Have Experience?

Now, before you think that the only wedding photographer london worth choosing is the one who has shot 300 weddings last year, it is important to realise the experience does not necessarily equate to amount of shoots. In fact, a photographer who claims to have shot hundreds and weddings a year may be suffering from burnout or may actually use an associate to fill in at some weddings, which is not what you want. If a photographer has a heavy workload it doesn’t automatically mean they are poor quality, however. You need to find someone with enthusiasm, passion, and the experience where it counts. Look for a photographer who will treat you like the prize couple you are, and pay individual attention to your wedding even if it is the 100th they have shot this season.

2. Does She Have an Excellent Portfolio?

Possibly the best way to choose a photographer for London wedding is to look closely at the photos they have taken at other weddings. You need to see evidence not only of technical ability but also of their own particular style. Does it mesh with yours? Are they a contemporary photographer when you really want a portrait expert? Look at their signature shots and if they blow you away, chances are they will work their magic on your big day, too.

3. Is He Recommended?

Look for recommendations of photographers but don’t necessarily restrict yourself to those from friends and relatives. While they may have had great results from a photographer, their wedding was probably very different to yours, and you need to find your own favourite. Double-check any recommendations yourself and don’t take them on face value. Also, be wary of venues’ preferred photographers. Sometimes they are absolutely top-notch, at other times less so. The key is you need to check out photographers yourself to see how their style unique matches your ideals.

Image: Image courtesy of tuelekza/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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