There are some areas of the country when you can plan an outdoor wedding at almost any time of the year. Unfortunately, many other areas of the country are blanketed with snow in the winter months and too rainy or chilly in other months. Then there are areas like the Twin Cities where you would expect a late May or early June wedding to be ideal in terms of temperature, but that isn’t always the case.

This year, for example, the Minneapolis/St Paul region experienced record-breaking heat over Memorial Day weekend and so any wedding planned that weekend could have been beset by almost intolerable hot temperatures. No matter where you live or where you plan on hosting your outdoor wedding, here are three essential points to consider so that everything can go off without a hitch – except the bride and groom that is! Getting hitched is why they’re there!

1. Plan for Keeping Your Guests Cool

There are a number of reasons why many couples choose to have their weddings outdoors. Sometimes it’s for the sheer joy of getting married with a glorious backdrop of nature all around. Other times the cost of venues can be prohibitive in today’s economy and or it’s the only place to host a wedding large enough to accommodate all the guests. Remember, not all small towns and cities have large banquet facilities available with central heat and air.

When it comes to a summer wedding, always plan for the unexpected such as soaring temperatures when the days should be mild to warm. You can always advise your guests to dress casually in summer attire for the event and then locate an outdoor misting fan or two strategically located on the grounds. When the temperature rises above body temperature, it is difficult to stay cool and there is a very real danger of dehydrating quite quickly. Cooling fans will help to alleviate this issue.

2. Avoid Excessive Amounts of Alcohol

Speaking of dehydration, nothing is quite as dehydrating as alcohol, except heat that is. When it comes to serving cocktails and drinks at the outdoor reception, keep the alcohol content as low as possible. For example, wine and champagne and even beer are much better suited to hot temperatures than highballs and cocktails with hard liquor. The compound issues of heat and alcohol consumption could lead to serious dehydration which, in turn, could result in confusion, loss of consciousness and in extreme situations, hospitalization. Keep the drinks as light as the clothing!

3. Always Have a Plan B for Rainy Days

Then there is rain to consider. Rain and thunderstorms are always a possibility and when planning your wedding many months in advance, there is no accurate way to forecast what the weather might be on any given day. Some couples have a tent or canopy erected where guests can congregate if a storm should pop up and others choose an outdoor venue where there are buildings within reach until the clouds pass over. If the entire day is to be rainy, accept the fact that you just might need to keep the guests under those canopies almost the entire time!

Outdoor summer weddings can be memorable when surrounded by the beauty of nature, but they can also be memorable for other reasons you’d not really want to remember when all is said and done. If you expect the best but plan for the worst, that outdoor wedding will be a success no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

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