Every couple getting married hopes to hold a one-of-a-kind wedding. And a pair of Bristol lovebirds certainly achieved that, by holding their reception at McDonald’s.

Emily Marshall, 20, and Steven Asher, 27, decided to get their new life off to a milkshake-and-Big-Mac -style start at the bride’s favourite fast food joint.

As the pair celebrated amid Big Macs and milkshakes, here’s a look at some of the most weird and wonderful places couples have tied the knot:

Underwater Wedding

An underwater-loving American couple who met in a dive class celebrated their nuptials by tying the knot underwater. The loved-up pair rented a glass-bottomed boat in Florida and held part of the wedding onboard then, clad in their diving gear, descended into the depths to finish their ceremony under the sea.

Wedding on Wheels

While most couples prefer to hit the road straight after the wedding, parading their ‘Just Married’ sign, others prefer to kill two birds with one stone by getting hitched mid-drive.

A 1942-edition American La France fire engine was transformed into a mini chapel on wheels, thanks to the handy work of Shelbyville Illinois Reverend Darrell Best.

Complete with stained glass windows, a pipe organ and even an altar, this fire engine became the holy matrimony ride. What’s more, the wedding wagon fits a bride, groom, best man and maid of honour.

Bargain Bride

Most folks love a good old bargain, but one bride went one step too far and chose the US equivalent of TK Maxx as the location for her wedding. Bride Lisa Satayut exchanged vows with partner Drew Ellis in the shoe aisle of the central Michigan department store. The “traditional” ceremony included string music, a widened aisle, vine-covered arch and white chairs complete with red bows. Fellow shoppers stopped mid-bargain-hunting to stare at the one-off wedding.

Mid-Air Wedding

British duo, Darren McWalters and Katie Hodgson, got off to a flying start when the pair proclaimed “I do” mid-air in 2011.

Strapped to a stunt plane, the bride and groom were married by a vicar who stood on an aircraft in front of them. Linked by an airborne communications system, the 30-minute ceremony was relayed to friends and family on the ground.

Because the airborne ceremony at Rendcombe wouldn’t have been legally recognised, the couple, who met in 2005, had to exchange vows in a nearby register office first.

Bungee-Jump Bride

Normally couples prefer saying “I do” in the comfort of a church or registry office. But this wasn’t the case for thrill-seeking lovebirds, Jeroen and Sandra Kippers from Brussels, Belgium, who bungee-jumped from 160 feet immediately after their vows.

Hoisted up on a platform accompanied by 20 guests, the pair were strapped into chairs, with their legs dangling mid-air, before plummeting towards earth. Jeroen and Sandra became the world’s first couple to get married mid-air by flinging themselves off the end of the aisle. How’s that for a wedding with a difference?

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