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The Top Factors to Consider when Choosing a Golf Course

The sport of golf is certainly addictive – just ask anyone who has ever tried it and who hasn’t been able to let go ever since. Fortunately, there are plenty of golf courses from which to choose in the UK, some of which are easily accessible and some of which may take some time to get to. But what makes a golf course truly worth visiting and playing? Let’s find out.

The condition of the course

The condition of the golf course is an obvious factor when it comes to choosing a golf course. Is the course in its best shape, or does it look decrepit and run-down? If the golf course is well-maintained, it will be a pleasure to play on and will attract a good number of visitors. If it isn’t, you may be wiser spending your time elsewhere.

The design of the course

The course’s design has a big impact on players as well. Check if the golf course features a lot of variety and assess how the design is laid out. Are all those water hazards really necessary, for instance? What about short holes and long holes? Ideally, long holes should give players plenty of room to tee. Of course, the designer needs to work with the layout of the land itself, but variety in features can make a golf course pleasant to play on, not only for veteran golf enthusiasts, but for beginners as well. The point is to look for variety in the golf course, be it mixtures of straight holes, short and long holes, and more – in different directions as well.

Other considerations

There are other considerations which you may also want to think about when choosing a golf course. One important one is the location. Where is it located? If it’s ideally situated, then it’s easier to visit. More so if the golf course can provide you with easy accommodation as well, such as the Oxfordshire golf club at Heythrop Park, which is a short drive away from London and offers convenient accommodation through two hotels, Heythrop Park and the Crowne Plaza.

You can also look for convenience and accessibility when it comes to other leisure and sport facilities, such as pools and gyms, spas, saunas, and dining and entertainment amenities. After a satisfying game of golf, it won’t do if you have to travel far when you want to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

Yet one more consideration is the beauty of the surroundings. You have to be instantly attracted to the surroundings and greenery of the golf course. A great view is always a good factor, and so are picturesque streams, valleys, meadows, and lakes – after all, you will be spending a lot of time in the great outdoors, so you might as well make sure the scenery is spectacular.

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5 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas for the Modern Couple

When you get married, you want a wedding that is memorable and has your loved ones talking about the event far into the future. If you’re part of today’s generation of couples looking to get married, there are unique ways for you to ditch the traditional walk-down-the- aisle in favor of a modern wedding venue.

Celebrate on the Water

There are a number of important duties for the happy couple to decide on such as picking the maid of honor and best man. You also want to find the ideal location and venue for your wedding day that showcases your personality and desires. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves the water, an ocean or lakeside spot are ideal settings for your marriage celebration. If you have your own lake home, choose the surrounding waters as your scenic backdrop for both the ceremony and reception. You could also select a beachside resort with amenities. From the pool and gym to the spa and tennis courts, your guests can enjoy partaking in the activities before and after the wedding. Getting married aboard a yacht or ship could also yield the most amazing views and sunsets.

Contemporary Banquet Facilities

Banquet facilities of the past can’t compare to their cutting edge technological counterparts. Imagine a modern wedding venue that boasts an ultra-modern interior with LED panels, columns and a colorful backdrop. You can personalize the atmosphere surrounding your wedding celebration behind the head table and columns to mesh with your wedding theme. Encompassing the entire room, you’ll be able to post photos or videos and entertain guests throughout the entire evening.

Down on the Farm

If you’re going for a more simplistic wedding celebration, you may want to go down on the farm for your nuptials. Here you’ll find barnyards, orchards of fruit, pumpkin patches and rows of corn. But farms of today are more modernized than our ancestors. Because of the popularity of farm to table dining, you can have the ideal setting from the ceremony to the freshest food. If you want something different, have the bridal party come in on horseback or drawn carriages. Dependent on the facilities of your farm, you can eat and dance the night away under the stars. If you’re worried about the weather, rent a tent to keep your guests dry and warm. Lodges and inns are another homey yet modern type of venue with a great backdrop.

Surrounded by Mother Nature

Colorful shrubs, trees, plants and flowers from your city’s botanical garden can be an amazing setting for a modernized wedding celebration. Whether you have a tent constructed or head to the nearest greenhouse, the smells of Mother Nature’s bounty wafting through the air can be aromatic. It can also be a picture perfect spot to take pictures. If you want something for your guests to do besides the typical dancing and drinking at the reception, how about providing your guests with a short tour through the scenic gardens of the facility?

Among Wine Country

If you you’re looking for a modern setting to host your “I Do’s,” then you may want to secure a place among the grape covered arbors. With over 5,900 vineyards in the U.S., you should be able to find a rustic courtyard with charming architecture. Other events to precede dinner beside the usual garter throw and bouquet toss could include a wine-tasting from the vineyard’s finest grapes. As a memento, gift your guests with wine charms, bottle openers or a stopper to mark the celebration.

With an array of options to choose from, couples no longer have to stick within the traditional wedding borders. By thinking outside the box and taking your personal tastes into account, you’ll be able to create a wedding celebration that is different, fun and will dazzle your loved ones.

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Why Picking Your Maid of Honor Early is Important

A wedding is incredibly difficult to plan whether you have help from a professional or are just enlisting friends and family to help out. But nobody is more important than your maid of honor. Picking this person could be easy or it can come down to a very tough decision. Plenty of people pick a family member while others pick lifelong friends. This position is quite important and is not only an honor but also a responsibility. The following are reasons why picking your maid of honor early is important:

Wedding Shower

The wedding shower is something that the maid of honor is responsible for. This can be a daunting task especially if there are any surprise guests that you weren’t sure could come. The schedule has to fit all of those people that have to be there like the bride’s parents and other family members. Make it easy on your maid of honor and give them as much help as possible. The addresses or phone numbers and emails of these people should be given to the maid of honor as soon as a wedding date is set. The other bridesmaids can help with this but depending on their location and work schedule they might just be able to attend.

Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party is going to be organized and planned by your maid of honor. While many people go the traditional route for parties there are plenty of other options. For those who aren’t quite into the party scene there are ski trips or beach weekends. Others, do a joint weekend getaway with the entire wedding party. Giving your maid of honor plenty of time to plan the details like the bachelorette party bus rental and final destination will ensure a special event for everyone involved.

Stand In Decision Maker

The maid of honor has to make decisions for you whether it is the décor of your wedding shower or helping you pick the color of the bridesmaid dresses. Having someone through the entire process of planning a wedding can be extremely comforting. This person can also help you when you are on the fence about certain decisions. The one thing this person is not doing is minding your finances so make sure you communicate this to your maid of honor. It can be easy to get quite carried away with your best friend while planning your own wedding!

Enforcer of Other Bridesmaids

Your maid of honor will always have your back if you picked correctly. There might be some bridesmaids that think that this is their big day or they should have say in big decisions. This could be a disgruntled friend who got passed up or your fiancé’s sister who is only in the wedding party because of her brother. Getting people to the right places at the right times seems simple now. When people are staying different hotel rooms and alcohol is being consumed it can be quite easy to get off of agenda.

Consider all of the above when selecting your maid of honor. This can be a huge decision that can impact the wedding and events leading up to the wedding in a huge way. Pick them early as they are going to have to do quite a lot of planning as well. Family is always a good pick but remember who will be able to deal with the wedding party in the most appropriate way. Good luck on your big day!

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The Average Cost of a Wedding in 2016

Weddings don’t come cheap. There is a lot to pay for: the wedding dress, outfits for the bridal party, the cost of a reception venue, not to mention food, drink, flowers, and a host of other things. You can save money by using a site such as, but many couples go a bit crazy when wedding planning their dream wedding. They want their special day to be perfect with a capital “P”.

The Cost of Getting Hitched

Research carried out in the U.S. found that, on average, couples spend £25,000 on the happy day. In the UK, this figure is slightly less and happy couples typically spend around £20,500. Either way, this is hardly a small and inconsequential amount.

£20-25K would make a nice deposit if you were looking to buy a home, or if you already have a home, it will easily pay for a smart new kitchen or bathroom. Of course, this figure is not a true picture, as there are big variations in the cost of a wedding, depending on where you live.

If you want to get married in New York, Manhattan to be precise, expect to fork out around £64k. Getting married in London is also more expensive than a wedding in a regional town in the UK. In fact, some locations are positively cheap. Getting married in your back garden won’t cost you much at all and you could probably plan a simple wedding for less than £1k.

The Only Way is Up

The problem with weddings is that every component, from dresses to rings, increases in price year on year. The two most expensive items on a wedding planner’s list are the bride’s dress and the reception venue. Couples usually spend around £11,500 on a venue to entertain friends and family. The average cost of a wedding dress is around £1,100, so that is also a hefty chunk of money. The only aspect of a wedding that doesn’t seem to increase in price every year is the cost of wedding favours.

The good news is that most couples don’t pay for the entire wedding out of their own pocket. It is traditional for the bride’s family to chip in and cover some, if not all, of the cost of the wedding. In many cases, the groom’s family also help out by covering around 10% of the final bill. In fact, most couples only pay around 43% of the cost of the wedding budget, which is a bit more affordable.

Thrifty Wedding Planning

Whilst the average wedding may cost £20,500, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you have to spend that amount of money on your wedding. You can easily save shed-loads of cash by looking for cheaper venues, second-hand wedding dresses and “vintage” engagement rings.

However, whilst it is possible to save money when planning a wedding, if you have your heart set on a romantic beach wedding in Fiji with the bride wearing a Vera Wang dress, you should probably start paying into a savings plan sooner rather than later.

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How to Pick a Wedding Band That Works with Your Engagement Ring

You’re engaged now (congrats!) and it’s time to start planning the wedding! There are lots of important big and small details that go into planning your perfect wedding day, and with all of the talk of flower arrangements, food, and dresses it can be easy to forget the obvious things like the wedding ring itself! So how do you choose the perfect ring? Follow these tips to make picking a band much easier on you!

Start with the Basics

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices, start by narrowing down the basics. Do you want a ring that’s the same color of metal as your engagement ring? If not, keep in mind that different metals wear down and change color at different rates, so if you’re not into the idea of your metals looking totally different from one another it may not be the best idea. Do you want any stones? If so, would you like them to be the same as the ones in your engagement ring or would you like to stand out and choose something different? If your engagement ring is diamond like these wedding rings New York, there are many beautiful colored stones out there that would look great with it!

Keep Yourself in Mind

A giant ring can be stunning, but if you work with your hands a lot it might not be the best idea to get something big and clunky; a sturdy band that holds up to wear and tear would be much better. If you’re the type to bake or paint a lot, consider getting a band without gemstones so that dough and paint don’t get stuck in between the stones! (But just in case, learn how to clean your rings at home!) If you swim or travel often, perhaps getting a cheaper ring would be a good idea in case it falls off in the ocean or gets left in Spain!

Pairing Your Rings

I talked earlier about pairing rings depending on the color of the metals and stones, but what about the sizes and shapes of your rings? It’s best to get a small wedding band if your engagement ring is really large so as not to overwhelm the entire look, but if you’re a fan of extra bling look into bands with stones along the entire circumference (but keep in mind that they’re extremely difficult to resize if you need to do so in the future) or choose a band with a curved shape so that it can sit above the stone in your engagement ring. There are many great options for pairing wedding rings for men too, if he is the one who was proposed to.

Make sure you choose a ring that’s timeless, goes well with the engagement ring, and is something you’ll be in love with for a very long time. Good luck finding that perfect wedding band for you and your significant other, and more importantly, good luck for your wedding day!

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Looking perfect for your wedding day

There are few moments in life as memorable as your wedding day. Maybe your day is an elaborate fete with hundreds of guests, a huge wedding party, and an ice sculpture. Maybe it’s you and your love barefoot on the beach surrounded by a few close friends.

No matter what your dream wedding looks like, you want to it all to be perfect. That includes how you and your intended look. Whether you want to fit into a designer tuxedo or model a Bohemian hairstyle, here are some ways to get yourself looking perfect for your wedding day.


If there was ever an event for shopping, your wedding is it. You might decide on an event calling for a formal gown with a 30-foot train and hand-sewn lace veil, or one where the groom is in flip-flops. You won’t know until you get out and explore your options, and find the best clothes for your personal style. Enlist the help of your besties in getting honest feedback about how things fit and flatter (or not!), and you and your betrothed will need to discuss if your ideas about clothing are on the same track. Don’t forget to shop for shoes and accessories as well – you don’t want to be scrambling for matching items at the last minute.

Hair and makeup

Your wedding is a great time to spoil yourself rotten with a special hairdo and makeup. Look through your bridal magazines and see what appeals to you. With online videos, you can learn and practice the same makeup techniques as professionals. But the best way to have your hair and makeup perfect is to have them done by professionals. You can make this into a spa day with your attendants, or you and your intended can make it a pre-wedding treat. After all, both of you want your skin to be glowing!


You may take your glasses for granted on a daily basis, but for your wedding, you may want to consider some sort of eyewear treatment solution. You can choose unique designer frames that match your wedding suit. You can also get laser surgery, so that the amazing makeup and hairdo you’re planning will be completely unobstructed. And laser surgery has the benefit of lasting forever – just like your marriage.

Healthy lifestyle

It may be a goal to lose weight for your wedding, since you’ll be investing in some pretty special clothing. But if you focus on adopting a healthier lifestyle, you’ll not only shine on the day of your nuptials, you’ll also start your new life in great health. Bear in mind, wedding planning can be stressful, so you’ll want to stock up on healthy food alternatives to those comfort foods you might want. Be sure to be realistic in weight loss goals – you cannot lose 30 pounds in seven days. Again, try to focus your efforts on changes that you can sustain, such as eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods. And don’t forget exercise, which will give you an inner glow from all the energy you’ll have.

Your wedding day is a time to celebrate and begin a new life. Looking perfect is possible if you consider all your options for what you will wear, and back it up with a healthy glow inside and out. You are sure to have one of the best days ever.

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Tips for Helping You Grow and Maintain a Great Beard

You’ve probably noticed that beards are all the rage at the minute and I’m guessing that you’re wanting to be a part of the action. If so, then you’ve definitely made a wise decision because the fact is, beards are great. They are the ultimate manly accessory, firstly because women can’t grow beards and secondly because they imply maturity and success. Beards can easily go from great to rubbish though, so it’s important that you care for your facial hair properly and we have a few tips to help you grow and maintain a great

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Leave it Alone for at Least a Month

Some men are blessed with the ability to grow facial hair quickly and some just aren’t, many men find it difficult to grow facial hair at all. To get you started on the right path to owning a fantastic beard you’re first going to need to grow it. Leave it for at least a month, but ideally as long as possible, without cutting or shaping. This will mean that your beard can grow to a great length in order for it to succeed in the long run. While this may be a hard month for you, keep yourself going with the thought of the great outcome in the end.

Look After Your Skin Underneath

It’s important that you don’t forget about the skin underneath your beard because without being looked after this could cause you a lot of problems. Many bearded men moan about the dreaded facial hair itch that seems to be unavoidable. By moisturizing the skin under your beard daily you should be able to sooth this itch and eventually get rid of it all together.

Shape It When the Time is Right

When you’ve left your beard to grow to your desired length, it’s time for the fun part, shaping it. At this stage you can style your beard exactly how you want it. Although if you’re not comfortable dealing with this pressure yourself, you can head to the barber who will be able to use their expertise to arm you with a beautiful looking beard.

Invest in High Quality Products to Maintain a Healthy Beard

Finally, to make sure that your beard stays looking great for a long time to come, you’re going to need to invest in some top quality products to maintain it. You will need a great wax for the everyday shaping of your beard, so check out these best beard waxes on the market to get you started on your quest to find the perfect product for you.

If you’re lucky enough to have great facial hair growing ability then what are you waiting for? Start growing a beard. This accessory will make you look stylish and give the impression to others that you’re mature, sophisticated and very manly. Just use our four tips for growing a great beard and you are bound to have a successful outcome.

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Pucker Up: Funny Quotes About Marriage and Love

Whether you’re currently in a relationship or not, you know how funny observations and jokes about marriage and relationships can be, and how people love to share their jokes and stories with others. Here are five funny quotes about marriage and love that you can share with your spouse and your friends!

“Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children and no theories.” – John Wilmot

People who have never had children might often think that they could, and will, raise their children better than members of their family or friend group who currently have kids. In this quote, Wilmot is showing the wisdom that comes with being a longtime parent, and he demonstrates the humor that comes with the realization of how naive he used to be!

“To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the loving cup, whenever you’re wrong admit it, whenever you’re right shut up.” – Ogden Nash

Men have long been accused of not being the best listeners in relationships, and for that reason men tend to get themselves in a lot of trouble with their significant others! The advice Nash is giving in this quote is more about being a loving and attentive partner than it is a pessimistic view on marriage.

“Instead of getting married again, I’m going to find a woman I don’t like and just give her a house.” – Rod Stewart

Legendary crooner Rod Stewart has been in his fair share of relationships over the years, so it’s no wonder that his perspective on marriage was so pessimistic at one time. Some of the best jokes written about relationships are written by those who have been in a marriage that, for one reason or another, fell apart.

“Insanity is hereditary. You get it from your children.” – Sam Levenson

This is another hilarious quote about the struggles and obstacles that come with being a parent. As a parent, you can only guide your children through life, and hope that you’ve prepared them enough to make it by themselves in the world, which can obviously breed anxiety – but hopefully not insanity!

“I’ve had bad luck with both my wives. The first one left me and the second one didn’t.” – Patrick Murray

Another example of the more pessimistic side of relationship humor, Murray’s quote speaks more to men who have had more than one bad marriage than to anyone else. However, the reality is that more men and women are getting remarried after a failed first marriage, so it’s likely that this quote resounds with more people than you might think! Even if you are in a secure and loving relationship with your spouse, joking about certain details of your relationship simply shows that you’re comfortable growing together as a couple. Also, bringing humor into what could be awkward conversations with your spouse can also lighten the mood and allow you to communicate more effectively. Share a laugh with your spouse and your friends by reading them these quotes today!

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Tips to Hire Wedding Planners for a Grand Wedding Celebration

We all believe that matches are made by god in heaven since the time we step in this world. But the wedding ceremony plays the key role in binding the two hearts for lifetime on that auspicious day. We all dream about our wedding day and the day , the day of ringing the bell gets fixed we starts planning for our Grand Wedding Celebration.

Indian people are very traditional in nature and want to organize the ceremony in complete traditional way. There are N numbers of activities which need to be done to give a grand look to the ceremony. Being the bride or the groom you can relax back and take your personal care if you can hire Indian wedding planner for this exclusive responsibility. Indian wedding is always luxurious and glamorous too.

Sometimes we fail to make the right estimation for the related expenses and end up making a hefty bill. Here comes the need of an experienced wedding planner who can handle all arrangements in an easy to go manner making life simple for you and within reasonable budget as estimated by you.

We would like to share with you some valuable tips before you hire a wedding planner for your wedding ceremony.
Check out the below list of Tips just for you:
Tips to Hire Wedding Planners

•    Check out wedding planner experience: Before you go for the final hiring of the wedding planner for your wedding it is important to take a look in to the details related to past experience and client feedback about its services. Select those having wide experience in organizing events with grand ceremony.

•    Avail recommendation from known people: If this is the first time when there is going to be a wedding in your family then it will best if you can ask for recommendations from your friends and colleagues who already availed services from reputed wedding planners. This will help you in hiring the best wedding planner in Delhi.

•    Fixing up the estimation of the expenses: Estimation need to be decided well in advance and much before you start searching for the wedding planner. You need to be within your budget as going beyond that may not suit your wallet. Search wedding planner based on your estimated budget only.

•    Deciding the theme of the wedding: These days we all are very fashionable and prefer to set the environment for any event with a grand theme to entertain the guests. Wedding planners may come up with lavish theme ideas which may go beyond your budget. If that is the case and you have some ideas in your mind then discuss the same with the wedding planner as this may help you to be within your estimated budget.

•    Discussion on rates and charges: A vital point which many of us overlook and land up in a mess. Be fair to yourself and discuss the process of charging for conducting this grand event for you. Some may charge as a whole and some may go for hourly rates.

•    Final signing of contract with wedding planner: When you are sure about the terms and conditions and the proposal made by the wedding planner then it’s time now to sign the contract. Signing the contract is must at your end because that will act as a certificate to take action on the wedding planner if anything goes wrong.


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Pros and Cons of a Country Wedding

When it comes to organising a wedding the venue is right up there with the most important pieces in the puzzle. Get it right and the day can flow seemlessly. Get it wrong and guests get lost, travel between the service and the reception can be tortuous and the day can fall apart before it has got going. Now there are a huge amount of options when it comes to choosing a wedding venue, but one of the most popular ones in England is that of one in the countryside. So what are the advantages, and dare I say it, the disadvantages of choosing the countryside over the city?

Advantages first…

Privacy. Cities are full of people, that is a given. So who wants crowds of people stopping on the pavement to have a look at what should be a private day with close friends and family? Clearly you will not be having the whole wedding on the pavement, but nonetheless there will no doubt be a time during the day when you are moving from the church to the reception venue or vice versa and the public will get in your way. The countryside is obviously more spacious with less people, resulting in a far more intimate setting for the congregation to enjoy.

More idyllic. When little girls are busy sketching out wedding plans in their youth, I highly doubt many of them will be drawing pictures of small churches tucked away in a dirty part of London. Nope. They draw fairytale settings with big castles. Now I am fully aware that this might be a huge generalisation but at the same time I am confident that most of those little girls (once grown up and engaged) will initially look at this type of option. Sandon Hall in Staffordshire is a prime example of the type of setting that would be drawn on notepads in primary school. A large country manor with all the history associated with a traditional wedding setting. The countryside offers many many opportunities to get married in a place that you might only dream about. Not only do cities offer far less opportunities for this type of wedding…it is also far more expensive.

Finally, organisation. This really harks back to the fact that cities have a large populous. The countryside tends not to. When getting married in a city it is highly likely that you will have to organise transport from the location of the service, to the reception and this can be frantic in the city. Too much traffic, too many people, too much stress. In the countryside you may still have to worry about traffic – but nowhere near as much as the city. If you find a large enough country estate you may even be able to have the service and reception in the same grounds and therefore not have to travel on any country roads!

The dreaded disadvantages (mainly transport related).

Depending on where your friends and family live, if they all live in the city then it clearly has its advantages for the congregation when the day ends. Hop in a cab and go home. In the country you may have to organise hotels and transport to said hotel. Not a huge disadvantage but a disadvantage nonetheless. Although some might view staying in a hotel as making the whole event a little more special!

Options. People like to have options. Whether that be a pub to visit before the wedding or places to go after after the days end. Most cities will have more options for those looking to carry on the festivities than the countryside.

To be honest, these are all pretty trivial disadvantages. A wedding is a very special event, and I am of the view that the although the cities can offer a special venue – the countryside trumps the city for an idyllic setting. Some may disagree, and they will no doubt have very valid reasons. But if you are organising a wedding, just imagine the reception on the lawn of a country manor overlooking a beautiful valley with the sun shining on your friends and family. A polluted and busy city doesn’t really compare…